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The Gallup Poll on Public Attitudes
Toward Nude Beaches,
1983, repeated in 2000

“Do you believe that people who enjoy nude sun-bathing should be able to do so without interference from officials as long as they do so at a beach that is accepted for that purpose?


1983                              2000
Yes - 71.6%                  Yes - 80%
No - 23.9%                   No - 17%

[Based on a Montana population of 900,000 there would be 644,400 Montanans who would vote “Yes” in 1983 and 720,000 in 2000.]

“Have you personally ever gone ‘skinnydipping’ or nude sunbathing in a mixed group of men and women either at a beach, at a pool or some where else?”


1983                           2000
Yes - 14.7%                Yes - 25%
No - 83.7%                  No - 73%

[Based on a Montana population of 900,000 there would be 132,300 Montanans who would have said “Yes” in 1983, and 225,000 in 2000. That translates into a tremendous growth potential for our group.]

SOURCE: The Gallup Organization, Inc., 55 Bank Street, Princeton, NJ 08540. (609) 924-9600. June 1983. GO #83112. A custom Survey conducted for The Naturists, Inc. A representative national sample of 1,037 Men and women age 18 and over was inter-viewed from The Gallup Telephone Facility. This poll was repeated with the same questions in 2000.
[From a Naturist Society Fact Sheet.  All [ ] material added.]